Chania – Med Forum – Crete, Greece 27-30 July 2017

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The political and economic environment of our world is changing but, Economy, Energy, Politics & Power are the four interrelated major issues that remain crucial in everybody’s everyday life, one way or another.

The 1992 “It’s the economy, stupid!” phrase of James Carville, Bill Clinton’s strategist, to describe the No. 1 issue facing the country at the time, still holds true today, yet with many interrelated factors. A new term has been introduced, “econocracy”. The recent U.S.A. elections have triggered an interesting discussion on the “vote value”.

Discussions at the Forum refer to these contemporary issues at local, national and global levels.

The annual 4 day event, always set for the last weekend of July,  focuses on the present-day interrelated issues of geopolitics, energy, economy, conflict prevention, the role of international organizations, and more issues, which are affecting national and international relations, societies and ultimately, the human security of citizens.

Expert prominent leaders from governments, the business community, academia, and international organizations are invited for a frank and provocative discussion, which can provide an insight on the imminent future of the economic geopolitical state of the international community.

The Forum operates under the Chatham House Rule, in order to promote free and frank discussion and the disinterested sharing of information for the mutual benefit of its participants.

Extensive discussion opportunities and networking are also encouraged during the social program.

The time and location, at the beautiful town of Chania, Crete, provide the opportunity to combine work with a summer vacation at a top spot and the most important strategic position in the sensitive region of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Forum is open to the public upon invitation, following individual Forum registration.

A registration fee is required.