CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: NATO Summit Special Event – Brussels, Belgium 24-25 May 2017

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It is our great pleasure to announce that YATA hopes to be actively participating alongside the NATO Special Meeting which will take place on May 25 in Brussels. Alongside the Special Meeting, YATA hopes to organise a 2-day social media event “Youth Perspectives on NATO Special Meeting and the Transatlantic Bond” in Brussels on May 24 – 25.

In aspiration to include young voices alongside the NATO Special Meeting, YATA is looking to recruit up to 10 young professionals, who will proactively participate in the above mentioned social media event.

Youth perspectives on NATO Special Meeting and the Transatlantic Bond

During the event we will host two workshop sessions – one on social media lessons learned and another on how to create efficient social media banners from official pictures with their own design and text messages or quotes on May 24th. We will invite up to 10 international young leaders to come over to Brussels in addition to the members of YATA Belgium. The remainder of the day will be dedicated to testing of equipment and rehearsal of video recording of the international chapter leaders’ personal messages on the NATO Special Meeting with collective feedback from the group.

On May 25th we will focus on optimising the social media output of the participants and execute a successful NATO Special Meeting side-event aimed at youth in transatlantic communities. In the evening we will host a reception at Club Prince Albert (ATA/YATA HQ).


We are looking for knowledgeable and skilful young professionals, who are preferably already experienced in handling social media tools and are motivated to launch an awareness-raising campaign about the NATO Special Meeting and its significance.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • age between 18 and 35,
  • member of YATA Chapter or ATA/YATA Partner Organization,
  • experience with the use of social media tools, primarily Facebook and Twitter,
  • skilful to create quality social media posts featuring both written and visual content,
  • motivated to upgrade and further use the new social media skills to inform your home country about the NATO Special Meeting through social media activity,
  • able to attend two full days of the YATA side-event (May 24 – 25).
  • remain active in follow-up activities.

In addition to these criteria, a selection will be based on geographic, gender and occupation spread in order to achieve a healthy representation of the YATA network.

Application procedure

All potential candidates are required to send their CV and an introductory letter reasoning the abovementioned criteria. Please send your application to no later than May 8. Recommendations from YATA Chapter and ATA/YATA Partner Organisations are also welcome but are not required.


Please note that changes to the timing and schedule of this event may occur. Final information will be distributed to applicants.