Baltic-Russia Youth Forum, Tallinn, Estonia September 5-8 2017

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YATA is widening the scope of our cooperation throughout the trans-Atlantic region. This time, in cooperation with ATA Estonia we are pleased to announce that we are sending several YATA participants to their event Baltic-Russia Youth Forum. The VII Baltic-Russia Youth Forum (BRYF) will take place on September 5-8, 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The forum is organised in a cooperation with NATO Headquarters, Estonian Ministry of Defence and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The forum will take place on the time of Estonian presidency of the Council of EU. The forum has its emphasis on the relationship between NATO, the Baltic States, Russia and events influencing our security. We are looking forward to the active participation of young professionals and students in the field of defence, security and international relations from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Scandinavia and Eastern Partnership countries.

As YATA has a special arrangement with ATA Estonia, we have several places secured for YATA participants. The organisers will cover all accommodation and catering expenses for the selected participants, as well as travel expenses up to 100€ meaning that in case the ticket costs will exceed this sum, the participant has to cover the difference.

There is a small contribution fee of 30€ expected from each participant for the organisation of Baltic-Russia Youth Forum 2017.

Depending on the quality of their applications, YATA applicants may be exempt from paying the participation fee as well. Potential applicants need to fulfil the following requirements:

– nationals of one of the following countries:
Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine;
– be an active member of YATA National Chapter (specify wich in your email to ;
– ready to write conclusions on the event based on guidelines provided by the organisers;
– ready to actively engage on Social Media, promoting both the event and YATA International.

All interested applicants should fill in the Application Form, where they clearly state YATA International as their workplace.

Additionally, please send an email to to inform us about your application.

Kindly note that you MUST fill in this part appropriately and inform YATA about your application, otherwise you won’t be recommended as a potential YATA participants.

Deadline was May 21, 2017