Summer University for the Conflict Resolution and Peace Building / 7th Anniversary of KYATA – Durrës, Albania 17-21 July 2017

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Kosovo Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (KYATA) has the immense pleasure of inviting you to participate in the “Summer University for the Conflict Resolution and Peace Building”, which will be held on the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of KYATA.

This year, KYATA Summer University will be held in Albania from 17 – 21 July 2017. Accommodation, meals and lectures will be held in Durrës, Albania. In this Summer University, we will present various types and levels of Security Organizations and Institutions that as their primary task have resolving conflicts and building and managing peace in conflicting countries. Students and new scholars will find it very easy to understand these lectures as they will be lectured by the best experts and lecturers, topics that you can find on the agenda of this activity.

Conflicts are part of everyday life. They should not be viewed as negative events, but as clashes of interests between individuals or groups. In politics, conflicts are even an important part of public discussion. Therefore, nowadays, conflict resolution and peace building are among the most actual heard and discussed terminologies in media, politics, and everyday conversations. But what they really are? What are the most common situations of conflict resolution? How can peace be built and managed in an already conflicting environment? What makes a person feel safe? And, most importantly, can all involved parties in the conflict win or do we have to have a losing party? In other words, serious choices and decisions need to be made, in order to make, secure and manage a safe peace building.

This five (5) days program will give students a detailed and in – depth insight into how thinking and talking about conflict resolution and peace building have changed over time, and how groups of interests at different levels deal with conflicts and security, starting from international community to the state and from various security organizations and institutions to local communities and individuals.

Topics to be discussed at this Summer University include but will not be limited to:

  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Peace Building in Conflict Countries,
  • National Security in a Globalized World,
  • Security and Defense Responsibility,
  • International Security Organizations and Institutions,
  • Citizens Initiatives and the Role of the Community in open Conflict Countries.


Participants in this Summer University will encounter a diverse and exciting cultural program and excursion across Albania, including pleasant afternoons at the Albanian coast.


All students THAT DO NOT NEED VISAS TO ENTER TO ALBANIA and have different academic backgrounds and general interest in the Conflict Resolution, Peace building, Security, International Relations or Diplomacy are eligible to participate. Students will simultaneously benefit from each other in a process of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Learning. Earlier groups consisted of regular students and practitioners such as civil servants, communication experts, young politicians, and even parliamentary officials.

The course does not require special knowledge about international security organizations or institutions, international politics, conflict resolution or peace building, but participants need to be more interested in more than just their field of specialization. Participation and being active in the classroom, especially in expert discussions, is essential to the success of the course and plays an important role in the mutual student – organizational assessment.


  • Tuition fee for participation in the Summer University for Kosovo students is 139 Euros;
  • Tuition fee for participation in the Summer University for Western Balkan students is 157 Euros;
  • Tuition fee for participation in the Summer University for students outside the Western Balkans is 184 Euros;
  • All expenses related to bank transfer fees (transfer fees) must and will be covered by the applicants.


  • Accommodation (housing);
  • Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • All lectures, workshops, seminars and discussions (as mentioned in the program); and
  • Cultural and Social Events (as mentioned in the program).

Thanks to the generosity of KYATA and its Partners, you will have the opportunity to have lower costs compared to other Summer Schools in the Balkan Peninsula and abroad. For a very reasonable price you will get the highest academic standards and a diverse, exciting, cultural, social and study program in Albania.

Moreover, accommodation, meals and reading materials are ready for you, so you do not need to worry about anything. You can and should focus only on your study and enjoy the very best of what we are offering.

Therefore, the only expenses that are not included in the participation fee are your travel and health insurance costs.


All participants interested to take part in the Summer University should send CVs and their Motivation Letters, at the latest by 10 July 2017, at 23:59, at the e-mail address:

All lectures, presentations and potential ad hoc examinations or tests will be held in English.

If you have any questions or ambiguities of any kind, please write to us at: or call us on: +377 45 603 619.