YATA @ NIAS2017 Cyber Symposium – Mons, Belgium, 17-19 October 2017

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YATA International is able to send a small delegation to NIAS17, NATO’s annual cyber symposium, to consider today’s fast-evolving cyber landscape from different perspectives. The three-day event will see NATO and national leaders, as well security specialists from across the Alliance, industry and academia, discuss ways of ensuring the protection and resilience of our defences in the face of unprecedented levels of cyber-attacks.

National governments will present the efforts they have already made to strengthen their cyber security after taking the Warsaw Summit Cyber Pledge, and establish the next steps forward for NATO. NIAS will look at the best ways of securing our connected forces and protecting our institutions with the help of innovative technology and partnerships.

Ensuring mission continuity in a contested cyberspace which is constantly under threat will be one of the topics explored at the event. This will also be an opportunity for Nations and NATO to share best practices on setting up and deploying rapid reaction teams to defend networks against cyber-attacks.

Finally, frontline IT staff, and product developers will discuss the benefits of artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning in developing the next generation of cyber security tools.

Members interested and able to come to Mons may apply for a delegation spot by sending their CV and a short motivation to international.yata@gmail.com