YATA representatives all around the Euro-Atlantic area participated in NATO Engages – Innovating the Alliance 3th of December 2019.

With the commemoration of the Alliance’s 70th anniversary, the year has served to honour NATO’s achievements. To round off the celebrations, the NATO Leaders’ Meeting in December presented an important opportunity to jointly assess challenges and opportunities and highlight NATO’s enduring value as it adapts to a changing world.

Building on the success of NATO Engages Brussels 2018 and NATO Engages Washington, DC 2019, the Atlantic Council, GLOBSEC, King’s College London, the Munich Security Conference, and the Royal United Services Institute organised the official NATO outreach event the day before the Leaders’ Meeting in cooperation with NATO and the UK government.

The town hall-style scene-setting event in central London encouraged a broader public conversation about the importance of NATO, add new voices into the conversation about today’s changing world, and cast a look into NATO’s future.

More information about NATO Engages can be found here: