An online conference under the ‘ATA – YATA TALKS’ project sponsored by NATO PDD was held before with the topic of the conference: ❛Raising awareness about the importance of NATO’s eFP BG countries.❜ Expert speaker: Assistant Secretary-General for Public Diplomacy

➡️ Amb. Baiba Braže. The conference was chaired by YATA President, Juxhina Gjoni and hosted by James Townsend, ATA President

Here is the speech of YATA President, Juxhina Gjoni:

?Welcome and tank you to our audience for joining us on this important event just on the aftermath of the NATO Summit. I is a great pleasure for me to moderate this webinar. I am Juxhina Gjoni the President of Youth Atlantic Treaty Association. Welcome and especially thank you ASG Ambasador Baiba Braze for your support and the one that Public Diplomacy division continue to give to the Atlantic Treaty Association and its youth branch. Since its creation in the 1954, the ATA and years later YATA have played an important role in supporting the activities of NATO and above all promoting the objectives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization by channelling its messages to the young generation.

Our association draws together more than 37 ATA national chapters and 25 YATA national chapter expanding its outreach efforts amongst member and partner countries. Throughout many different languages of each national chapters YATA impose an important and unique platform committed to disseminating NATO messages. And I am beyond grateful we can produce and share this messages in Spanish, Greek, Italia, Austrian, Dutch, Polish, Englis, in the Balkan Languages,, as Serbia, North Macedonia, Albanian, Finnish, etc.

As the leader of this youth organisation I firmly believe that my role and YATA’s role in this process is essential and that we all are committed to further and strengthen our cooperation with the Public Diplomacy Division.
In this framework we closely worked together to bring to our young audience attention the importance of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence deployed in the eastern part of the Alliance. With four multinational battlegroups, combat-ready, NATO EFP is a demonstration of our alliance’s strength and its transatlantic bond. To speak more on this occasion I am honoured to give the floor to Ambasador Baiba Braze as our main speaker.”