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Cover-photo_YATA-websiteThe Armenian Atlantic Association (AAA) is a non-governmental organization established on October 2001, which aims to foster Armenia’s links with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and promote better understanding within Armenia of NATO’s mission and activities in the changing international environment.

AAA strives to correct misperceptions about NATO and its policies that exist among Armenia’s political elite and ordinary citizens. The Association adheres to the principles of equality, self-governance and public service. The Association does not pursue political aims and is not affiliated with any political group.

In 2003 AAA has established its Youth branch as the Armenian Youth Atlantic Association (AYAA) to introduce Armenian youth with the NATO mission and policy as well as its upcoming goals for establishing strong links between the young leaders from NATO and PfP countries on the bases of mutual confidence and dignity. These actions are aimed at promoting regional cooperation, and facilitating the contact and dialogue between its national affiliates.

The main goal of the AYAA is to increase and strengthen the dialogue and understanding between the youth of Armenia and national YATAs. One of the key tasks of the AYAA is to involve young leaders and decision-makers of Armenia in expanding NATO’s new role and mission in the world and the region particularly.

The major objectives of the AYAA are:

  • To develop and strengthen already established links between national YATAs striving to make it more operational and durable;
  • To promote and increase the role of the young generation of Armenia and support their active participation in the NATO-Armenia relations further development;
  • To specify the role of youth in regional security and their attempt to influence in peace building procedure considered to be the key target to consolidate the constructive cooperation and fruitful links between AYAA and NATO institutions towards attaining the common goal;
  • To conduct training programs, organize workshops and round-table discussions, seminars and conferences to boost the awareness of NATO activities within the Armenian society and in the region as a whole.


Website of the Armenian Atlantic Association: http://euro-atlantic.am/index.htm
Facebook Page: http://goo.gl/zOmLVm
Address: 19 Sayat Nova str. (Ani Plaza, Business Floor); 0001 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Telephone/Fax: (+37410)582-638; (+37410)528-321 ; (+374 10) 527-082



President of YATA Armenia: Ms. Astghik Injeyan
E-mail: ainjeyan@euro-atlantic.am