YATA Belgium

“Exporting Euro-Atlantic values and contributing to the Trans-Atlantic alliance by introducing NATO and EU security policies to the larger public”. That is the mission of YATA Belgium.

YATA Belgium does this by organizing conferences, lectures and events involving stakeholders from the political, military and diplomatic community in Brussels.


YATA Belgium’s Executive Board:

Ms. Tamara Jacobi (Co-Chair) tamarajacobi@hotmail.fr

Mr. Vincent Degrendele (Co-Chair) vincentdegrendele@gmail.com

Ms. Aynur Bashirova (Project Manager)

Mr. Nico Segers (Public Affairs and Sponsorship Manager)

Mr. Samuel Luyckx  (Website and Social Media Manager)

Ms. Gabriela Tatian (Recruitment Manager)

Address: Campus Renaissance, Renaissancelaan 30, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: 0032 (0) 2 742 6209

E-mail: euroatlanbel@mil.be