YATA Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Euro-Atlantic Youth Club (BEAYC) was established in July 1996 and is the official youth branch of the Bulgarian Atlantic Club. BEAYC is also a full member of the Atlantic Association of Young Political Leaders (AAYPL).

BEAYC is a voluntary, national, pluralistic youth club that unites young people with different political, ethnic and cultural affiliations with political leaders, state and military officials.

The Bulgarian Euro-Atlantic Youth Club aims to:
– promote the Euro-Atlantic values among the youth in Bulgaria by advising and supporting the youth organizations affiliated with different political parties, student communities, decision-makers in the Bulgarian state institutions and the people at large.
– foster Bulgaria’s involvement within the framework of the Euro-Atlantic political, economic and defense institutions and particularly the North Atlantic Treat Organization (NATO), the European Union (EU), The Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OCSE).

The activities organized include lectures by domestic and foreign experts, seminars and conferences on various topics, information and publication about the developments within the abovementioned international organizations and institutions (including information about scholarships, seminars and research opportunities), initiating important contacts with similar organizations abroad.


YATA Bulgaria’s Executive Board:

Ms. Mariya Sapundzhieva (Secretary-General)


Contact details:

Address:        Bulgaria, 1404 Sofia, 111 “Bulgaria”Blvd. Floor 5, office 14

Telephone:   +359 2987 5248

E-mail:          mariyas@atlantic-club.org