YATA Hungary


The Hungarian Youth Atlantic Council (HYAC) was established in 1995 in order to promote the importance of the Euro-Atlantic ideals and values in the Hungarian society, among the youth especially. At the time, our mission was to support the Euro-Atlantic integration of Hungary, to contribute to our peaceful co-existence with the neighboring nations and to initiate a progressive Hungarian appearance in the region and in the Euro-Atlantic community.


Although Hungary joined NATO in 1999, our mission did not lose its importance, on the contrary: we are continuously challenged by the changing nature of the security environment, the transformation of NATO and the role of Hungary in the Alliance.


As such, in the past nearly two decades we have organized and participated in several international conferences, such as Partners Across the Globe (our ISAF security negotiation simulation and conference), the Serbian-Hungarian Euro-Atlantic Seminar and the Hungarian-Slovakian Youth Congress. These events provided invaluable fora to discuss issues of shared interest, to learn, to teach and to build bridges among people of different cultures and perspectives. Our afternoon tea events provided a scene where senior professionals, diplomats and leaders gave a personal, yet inspiring account of their journey to the top.


As a chapter of the international NGO, the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association, we can reach out to the international public with our events and we maintain excellent professional and personal relations with upcoming security professionals from all over the globe. Among many others, our members participated in the Portuguese Atlantic Youth Seminar, the Danish Atlantic Youth Seminar, and have been part of different events and conventions all over the world, from the U.S. through Germany to Kazakhstan.



YATA Hungary’s Executive Board:

Mr. David Vogel (President) divad.legov@gmail.com

Ms. Zsofia Elek (Secretary-General) elekzsofiaana@gmail.com

Ms. Fruzsina Tofalvi (Vice-President) fruzsina.tovalfi@gmail.com

Ms. Anna Nadudvari (International Relations Officer) anna.nadudvari@gmail.com


Contact details: 

Name:             Hungarian Youth Atlantic Council (HYAC)

Address:         1016 Budapest, Bérc utca 13-15., Hungary

Telephone:     +36-1/279-5774

Fax:                +36-1/279-5777