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YATA Netherlands (Jonge Atlantici in Dutch) is a network of students and young professionals with an interest in Transatlantic relations and international security issues. To stimulate discussion about these topics among the youth, we regularly organize events, such as lectures, panel debates, workshops, masterclasses, excursions and essay competitions. In doing so, we work together with a broad range of partners.


YATA Netherlands’ Executive Board:

Ms. Karlijn Jans (President)

Ms. Marianne Copier (Secretary-General)

Ms. Lianne de Vries (Vice-President)

Mr. Wouter Bartens (Board Member)

Mr. Güven Erkaslan (Board Member)

Mr. Thomas Riepma (Board Member)

Ms. Rabab Hammiche (Board Member)

Ms. Marieke Lomans (Board Member)

Mr. Dennis Neven (Board Member)

Mr. John Jacobs (Board Member)

Mr. Vincent van den Haak (Board Member)

Ms. Eline Hoeneveld (Board Member)


Contact details: 

Address:          Emmapark 12, 2595 ET The Hague

Telephone:      +31-70 363 9495

E-mail:             jongeatlantici@atlcom.nl


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