YATA Norway


YATA NorwayYATA Norway was founded in the late 90s and is linked to the Norwegian Atlantic Committee. Today there are approximately 370 members in our organization, a number which has more than doubled in size only since September 2013. YATA Norway consists of an Executive Board, situated in Oslo, two local chapters in the cities Bergen and Trondheim, and an event organizing committee. This committee organizes all the events, both social and professional, that take place in Oslo. It has also organized excursions to military installations outside of the capital.

The main goal of our organization is to engage, motivate, inspire and enlighten the generation of tomorrow’s leaders within the foreign, security and defense policy sectors. This we do through various activities and events such as lectures, seminars, quizzes, parties and conferences. Most of our activities are in Norwegian, but we also have a few foreign memberYATA_no(web)s and we try to offer some of our events also in English.

YATA Norway’s by far largest event throughout the year is our international conference Nordic Security Conference (NorSec). For more information on NorSec, have a look here.

You can reach us easily by sending an e-mail to post@yata.no or visit our website www.yata.no. Of course, you can also find us on Facebook.

If you rather like to tweet, follow us at @yata_no.


YATA Norway’s local chapters:

YATA Bergen: bergen@yata.no

YATA Bergen’s Facebook page


YATA Tromsø: tromso@yata.no

YATA Tromsø’s Facebook page

YATA Oslo: oslo@yata.no

YATA Oslo’s Facebook page


YATA Trondheim: trondheim@yata.no

YATA Trondheim’s Facebook page


YATA Norway’s Executive Board:

Ms. Lea Bjørgul (President) lea@yata.no

Mr. Ulrik Hallén Øen (Vice-President) ulrik@yata.no

Ms. Sunniva Rebekka Skjeggestad (International Officer) sunniva@yata.no

Mr. Bjørn Olav Østeby (Finance Officer) bjornolav@yata.no

Mr. Jonas P. Ludvigsen (Communication Officer) jonas@yata.no

Mr. Christopher William T. Eckhoff (Board Member NorSec) christopher@yata.no

Ms. Siri Strand (Board Member NorSec) siri@yata.no

Norwegian Atlantic Council’s Secretariat
Ms. Marte Ziolkowski marte@dnak.org