YATA Norway


YATA Norway

YATA Norway was founded in the late 1990s and is linked to the Norwegian Atlantic Committee (www.dnak.org). Today there are more than 1500 members in our organisation, and rapidly growing. YATA Norway consists of a national Executive Board, situated in Oslo, and five local chapters in the cities Oslo, Stavanger, Tromsø, Bergen and Trondheim. The local chapters organise all the events, both social and professional, that take place across Norway. The biggest annual YATA Norway event is the Nordic Security Conference (NorSec), organised each spring by the National Executive Board. Membership in YATA Norway is free and open to everyone, but the main demographic is young students, cadets, young professionals and academics.

The ambition of our organisation is to engage, motivate, inspire and enlighten the generation of tomorrow’s leaders within the foreign, security and defence policy sectors. This we do through various activities and events such as lectures, seminars, quizzes, parties and conferences. Most of our local activities are held in Norwegian, while NorSec is held in English and attended by many international participants each year.

You may reach us at post@yata.no, through our website www.yata.no or through our social media presence at Facebook (www.facebook.com/yatanorway) and Twitter: @yata_noYATA_no(web)

YATA Norway’s local chapters:

YATA Bergen: bergen@yata.no

YATA Bergen’s Facebook page


YATA Tromsø: tromso@yata.no

YATA Tromsø’s Facebook page


YATA Oslo: oslo@yata.no

YATA Oslo’s Facebook page


YATA Trondheim: trondheim@yata.no

YATA Trondheim’s Facebook page


YATA Stavanger: stavanger@yata.no

YATA Stavanger’s Facebook Page


YATA Norway’s Executive Board:

President: Mr Anders G. Haugseth – anders@yata.no

Vice President: Ms Andrea Skarsvåg Solli – andrea@yata.no

Finance Officer: Mr Jens Kristian Øvstebø – jens@yata.no

Communications Officers: Ms Stine Rønnes – stine@yata.no

Head of NorSec – Ms Thea Charlotte Andersen – charlotte@yata.no

Board Member – Mr Andreas Haga Raavand – andreas@yata.no

Norwegian Atlantic Council’s Secretariat
Mr Magnus Vestby Thorsen: magnus@dnak.org