YATA Portugal

10568789_545655752207869_972081724843713432_n The Portuguese Atlantic Youth Association (PAYA) works closely with the Portuguese Atlantic Committee (PAC), a NGO created to promote Atlanticism and to further the transatlantic link in Portugal, within the framework of the ATA and, of course, as its member.

Our mission is to dynamically share and teach practical and academic information within interested target groups, in order to promote a greater consciousness and knowledge of Atlanticism and the Transatlantic Link, as well as to increase awareness towards the importance of NATO as a Collective Security Organization.

We are all volunteers, and work hard to produce a diverse and challenging program year in and out. Every year, we organize Public Diplomacy and Advocacy events such as International Seminars (PAYS) and NATO related Crisis Simulations (SIMOTAN). These events bring together many YATA participants, giving them a chance to strengthen their network and form friendships. Our members also participate in academic conferences (in Portugal and abroad), and we organize several conferences/round-tables on topics pertaining to Security and Defense.




President of YATA Portugal, Francisco Costa
E-mail: fdcosta1@gmail.com


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