YATA Slovakia


The Slovak Atlantic Commission is proud of its reputation of a youth incubator, acquired over the years of activities in the Central European non-governmental sector. Engaging young and motivated people in a variety of the Commission’s activities and projects has proven to be an unparalleled learning experience that boosted not only the determination but also the abilities of young people to become confident young professionals.




Euro-Atlantic Quarterly


Euro–Atlantic Quarterly (EAQ) is a student foreign and security issues magazine and an associated webpage. The objective of the EAQ is to bring together foreign experts, policy leaders and motivated students to share their ideas about the latest development of foreign policy and security issues. During eight years of its existence, the EAQ magazine and webpage have become an important forum for generating a discussion on current affairs, ranging from transatlantic partnership to challenges of cyber security.


GLOBSEC Young Leaders’ Forum


GLOBSEC Young Leaders’ Forum (GYLF) is a prestigious gathering of future decision-makers and young professionals. The Forum sees a launch of a new value-oriented long-term project every year. GYLF 2014 participants will work on creating a database for the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs library in Afghanistan. The Young Leaders’ Forum is organised as an event within the GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Security Forum, the largest annual foreign and security policy forum in Central Europe with participation of over 800 key stakeholders from more than 60 countries.


The New EU Diplomat Academy


The project is a series of e-learning session, workshops, professional trainings on diplomatic skills and simulations. It engages aspiring young professionals who aim to become future EU officials and active citizens of the EU. The YLP aims to educate new generation of motivated EU diplomats providing good quality soft and diplomatic skills, and access to top-notch experts in this field.



Economic Seminar: Through an Economic Lens


The main objective of the project is to expand the choice of economic subjects at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations where the Young Team of the Slovak Atlantic Commission is based. The economic topics are of great interest and are essential for the students at the faculty and their general knowledge and future potential careers. The project is divided into two parts, the winter and summer part. Each part is composed by three seminars which are organised in the form of the expert lectures and discussion.


GLOBSEC Youth Chat


GLOBSEC Youth Chat is a series of lectures and informal expert discussions to expand the choice of the formal education options and to enrich universities with a wider range of discussions, lectures and simulations with experts who bridge the existing gap between the academic, public and business spheres of life. We precisely choose the most up-to-date topics that are of great interest and are essential for students of international relations and their general knowledge and future potential careers.


Study and research trips/ Internship exchange programme

The programme supports young people on their way towards professional development via study and research trips, and internship placements in our partner organisations. The Commission has systematised the Trainee Programme and launched several complementary education subprograms focused on leadership development and the promotion of values which the Slovak Atlantic Commission adheres to. Partnering with us will give your interns or young professional to other YLP programmes that could further enrich your company.



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