YATA Turkey


Turkish Atlantic Youth Committee was established in 2005, 15 July with consent of Turkey and this committee rapidly realizes its studies and projects. Youth Atlantic Treaty Association makes a lot of opportunity for young, enthusiastic individuals who are really interested in international issues, especially international security studies and workshops. In order to inform young people about NATO and its sub-organizations and their international security studies, this organization organizes to various contests, conferences and seminars.

For instance, YATA-TURK’s essay or photograph contests aim to address to people. Also YATA-TURK organized some projects such as International Student Strategic Studies Seminar which consist of participants from University of Copenhagen, from Yildiz Technical University, from Department of International Business and Politics of Copenhagen Business School and YATA TURK on 4th of March. The goal of the seminar was to show to the students a three level view on Turkish politics. The other organization was meeting which about NATO’s current policies and YATA-TURK activities in Cappadocia at 4-6 April. Also at 9-11 December, YATA-TURK was a participant to YATA General Assembly. In conclusion, YATA-TURK consists of brilliant, vibrant members who wants improve themselves, especially about international security. On the other hand, this organization has different perspectives inside with its various members.


P1070849     You can reach us easily through these addresses:

     Address: Ortaklar Cad. No:4/17 Aksu Apt.


     Fax: +90 212 217 64 44



     Web Page: http://yataturk.org/


President: Eda GUNEY,

Mail: edaguney@yataturk.org

Phone:+90 535 361 21 81

 Secretary General: Selim Han YENIACUN

Mail: selimhanyeniacun@yataturk.org

Phone: +90 533 764 10 20


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