YATA Newsletter



On a monthly basis, around the first of the month, YATA’s Executive Board publishes its official Newsletter.

The newsletter is meant to inform members of the YATA network about important things going on at the international level, to inform about interesting upcoming events and to update briefly about some past events.

If you want to receive the YATA newsletter, just send us an e-mail!

Newsletter archive:

YATA Newsletter – August 2016

YATA Newsletter – July 2016

YATA Newsletter – June 2016 (rectification: where it says “Slovenian visit to Kosovo/Serbia”, this should have been “Slovenian visit to Kosovo & Serbia”)

YATA Newsletter – May 2016

YATA Newsletter – April 2016

YATA Newsletter – March 2016

YATA Newsletter – February 2016

YATA Newsletter – January 2016